Tired of the big networks?

Unlike other Internet Service Providers, our only priority is making Sarnia-Lambton's local network community the best it can be.

Our growing network services.

Whether you require a private, high-speed fiber connection, network security and redundancy, or real-time data replication, we deliver it with unmatched speed, reliability and scale.

Fibre Services

Why fibre? Fibre Optic Internet is the only, most reliable, and effective communication system that uses fibre optic cabling to transfer information via pulses of light which pass along glass pipes in strands no wider than the average human hair.

Network Services

Bluewater Regional Networks uses fibre optic cabling to interconnect our valued customers to the closest Point of Presence. This transport medium allows us to scale the bandwidth as required with the appropriate hardware technologies.

Dedicated Internet Access

Delivered via a private, secure switched Ethernet Transport Service providing a layer 3 connection to the public internet in increments of 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

Transport Solutions

Fully Managed, highly secure, private point-to-point service, connecting A-Z locations using dense wavelength division multiplexing technology delivered over a single pair of fibre.

Transparent LAN Services

Privately interconnect multiple office locations at Layer 2 using fibre-based Ethernet technology, offering 10Mbps to 10G access.

Dark Fibre

The utmost security, limitless scalability and near limitless capacity. Lease an unlit, unused fibre optic cable for your business’s sensitive information

Managed Wi-Fi

With industry leading Ruckus access points and switches, BRN provides customers with a carrier grade fully managed wireless solution for your commercial facility.

Data Services & Co-Location

Providing space for those businesses that require specific power, cooling and security needs for their hardware and servers.

Commercial Broadband

GPON is the perfect solution at a low cost for those businesses in standalone or multiple commercial dwelling unit environments looking to enhance their operations.

Global Solutions

Our recently launched Global Solutions division specializes in point-to-point transport services for mission critical and disaster recovery circuits connecting Sarnia-Lambton to the rest of the world.


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