Transport Solutions

Layer 1 and 2 with and without Protected Path:

BRN offers a fully managed, high capacity, high reliable, private, point-to-point service, connecting an A location to a Z location using dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology delivered over a single pair of fibre. These circuits are great for transmitting large amounts of time sensitive data for offices connecting back to a data centre, data centres connecting to other data centres, disaster recovery, etc. We offer diverse circuits with speeds of 1GE to 400GE with very low latency.BRN offers dedicated, redundant paths to its customers. You will have a fully managed primary route which your traffic will take all of the time. In the event that this path should fail we will automatically move traffic over to your secondary path and your service will stay up. This Secondary Path is used for failover only and does not count towards your bandwidth.


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