Fibre Services

Fibre Optic Internet is the only, most reliable, and effective communication system that uses fibre optic cabling to transfer information via pulses of light which pass along glass pipes in strands no wider than the average human hair.

When the internet was first launched it was delivered using radio frequency via existing copper twisted pair phone infrastructure called Digital Subscriber Line or DSL. DSL was a great place to start and although it was a secure way to send and receive data, it had speed and distance limitations and it was subject to interference or “noise” from adjacent electrical distribution equipment. Later on, it was determined that coax cable plant could deliver higher speeds than older DSL technology, much higher. Although still a radio frequency medium, with coax distance was less of a factor for cable systems. However, cable internet has a shared bandwidth protocol where individual residential services start to slow down during peak times when others in the subdivision are also on-line. Cable internet delivery is was less secure than older DSL technology, but is more expensive to install and maintain than newer fibre optic infrastructure. Cable plant operators are installing fibre whenever upgrading or building new plant. These coax and fibre hybrid plants still delivery a radio frequency signal using multiple delivery mediums called Radio Frequency over Glass or RFOG.

Why 100% Fibre?

  • Fast…. Really, really fast – high bandwidth speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Distance not a factor
  • No shared bandwidth required
  • Superior security, 99.999 reliability
  • Download and upload at same speed on independent channels
  • Ideal for businesses sharing large files and videos
  • Immune to interference
  • Repairs less costly
  • Limited availability throughout the world, not just SW Ontario

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