Network Services

Network Core Architecture
The Bluewater Regional Networks Inc. (BRN) network architecture is designed to robust telecommunications “carrier-grade” standards from the core switches out to the edge clients. All aspects of the physical hardware, management software and operational procedures adhere to ITIL standards.

Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Points of Presence (POP’s)
Our NOC and primary POP is located at the main office of the Bluewater Power Group of companies, at 855 Confederation Street, Sarnia. Our fully redundant Cisco network core  is housed in secure data centres with resilient power, UPS, stand-by generators and multiple fibre routes to the internet with strategically located secondary POP’s throughout the city of Sarnia to ensure optimal network performance, our second primary POP with fully redundant core , is located in our state-of–the-art Tier N+2 modular data centre located in the northwest area of  the city.

Network Services
Bluewater Regional Networks uses fibre optic cabling to interconnect our valued customers to the closest Point of Presence. This transport medium allows us to scale the bandwidth as required with the appropriate hardware technologies. The entire BRN network offers 10 Megabit to 400 Gigabit fibre-optic connectivity services.


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