Managed Wi-Fi

BRN’s managed Wi-Fi solution is provided in partnership with Ruckus Networks product technology. With industry leading Ruckus access points and switches, BRN provides customers with a carrier grade fully managed wireless solution. The managed Wi-Fi solution is connected to a private, secure switched Ethernet transport service. BRN has provided all cabling, pathways, and spaces to accommodate the cabling, access points, and Ethernet equipment necessary to connect customers with managed Wi-Fi connectivity.

BRN leverages  our robust cloud managed Ruckus Networks Wi-Fi solution to provision, monitor, optimize and troubleshoot our enterprise grade Wi-Fi solution. BRN managed Wi-Fi provides for maximum connections per facility based on capacity and will support each of the requested network connections via unique SSID’s. Available network connections include Public and Facility Staff connections. A customer can connect to the internet over a dedicated carrier grade connection which carries all Wi-Fi traffic directly to BRN’s core Fiber network and out to the internet. Traffic is secured and content can be controlled using a combination of cloud Wi-Fi controller functions and firewalls on BRN’s core network.

BRNI has full remote monitoring capability at all Managed Wi-Fi connected sites and will receive push notifications to alert us of any network issues or changes.


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